Charlie never liked his circumstances…he didn’t feel loved.  He didn’t feel appreciated.  He gave a lot of himself and it seemed he didn’t get a lot in return.  Today he was going to change that.  Today he was going to break through all the barriers and he was going to taste freedom.  He woke up and breakfast---well—who in their right mind would try any of what they left him this morning anyway?   It didn’t even look good.  He looked around, because he was thirsty and apparently there was nothing left to drink either. 

He decided he needed a fresh start, there was nothing left for him here anyway.  He started to walk, took one look back, and decided he better bolt out of there for good.  Would they miss him?  Probably not.  How he ever ended up there---he’ll never know.

His first mission was to get some real food and something good to drink.  He walked over to the park, where he seen kids playing in the fountains.  He wasn’t sure it would look right if he jumped in with them…after all they were kids…but he went over to the side and got his face wet and took a sip of the refreshing water.  The kids all smiled at him and he smiled back, but he knew the moms would probably freak out a bit so he continued on his walk.

Red PathHe came upon a path in the woods.  Charlie was feeling adventurous and the path provided some wonderful shade from the hot sun.  He had no idea where it would lead him, but he could feel a taste of freedom he hadn’t ever felt before.  It was freeing to be jogging along that path and enjoying God’s beauty.  He came upon a stream and dipped in his face and sipped in some very cool refreshing water.  Charlie rested for awhile but decided he his hungry tummy wouldn’t let him rest peacefully for long.  So he got up and continued down the wooded path.

He was on that path for quite sometime, and then suddenly it ended.  He made his own path, finding some rail road tracks he crossed them and found himself deposited into a very busy street. This made Charlie really nervous.  He had a feeling he was lost, and trying to get to the other side of the street was quite nerve-racking.  In his daze, he was almost hit twice! 

Then he seen her!! The prettiest lady he ever seen in his whole life.  She whistled at him and he smiled.  This was his kind of lady.  She had pulled over and called for him to come and meet her.  It took everything he had not to run…as if to seem desperate.  Her eyes shone love and her smile told Charlie she could be trusted.  She offered him a ride—and finally he knew he found someone that could appreciate him.   As soon as he got in his seat, she drove them off that crazy busy highway and away from everything he ever knew or saw. 

She took him home and fed him a great meal.   She showed him the way outside and where he could rest his head.  She also introduced him to several friends.  He knew he had found a new place to stay. He knew he was forever in her debt.

Jennifer & Max 3 1995

A taste of freedom for Charlie was all he needed to live out a very satisfying life. He experienced enough freedom to change his circumstances and thankfully it worked out for the better.  He realized that he might not have been so lucky…especially if his lady hadn’t of come along!!

**Inspired by my friend Karen and her recent discovery** 

Photographs by Duffee © 2011 All Rights Reserved.