sea_shells_out_the_sea_by_luridrose-d463667The stars gaze down, twinkling in all their splendor.  The nascent tide rolls in—waves gently crashing onto the shore.  The wind breezes softly, carrying the scent of the salty ocean—refreshing my mind and awakening my soul.

I find myself in a precarious spot—as I walk along this starlit beach.  Which direction shall I go? My spirit is adventurous and seeks to explore and learn of new places. I want to experience this world, travel, and live life.  I am young and I know no boundaries.  And yet, there is a love so real and so desirable, right here, if I choose to stay.  A love that is steadfast and unwavering, and wants only to be with me.  A love that makes me feel secure and I feel I belong.  And yet, that love won’t wait for me.

So it is a choice I must make—here tonight.  To stay here with the love of a lifetime—or live the life of my dreams.  Will I have regrets…will I feel held back if I stay or will I miss the feeling of being rooted if I go? What awaits for me either way—is unknown and there are no guarantees.  I know my decision will not be easy…for in each there is a loss and a gain. 

I stroll further down the beach and rest on a large rock.  I pick up a few stones and toss them one by one into the ocean.  Each stone I throw into the sea represents a thought.  One stone in the ocean is a thought about staying here and the next throw is a thought about living my dreams.  As each stone meets the water—I feel the weight of my decision as it ripples out from my center.

The breeze turns into a light wind…I feel the chill across my shoulders and long for his touch.  I envision his arms around me, his sweet words whispering in my ear, tickling my soul while shielding me from the cold.  At the same time—the coolness makes my senses come alive, the scent enchanting, the sounds musical, the sight dazzling, the touch riveting, oh I can taste the desire in my soul.

Desire and Love have never crossed my path in such heartbreaking and enchanting ways.  My decision is no closer to resolution. My mind can only be delighted by the here and now—by the wonder of the ocean as it moves mightily beneath the night sky.  I’m torn and I’m whole all in the same breathe.

A couple passes by and breaks the spell. I watch for a moment as they stagger along the edge of the sea.  Happiness is a choice.  Love can come around more than once.  The desires of the heart never fade.  My choice seems to renew a sense of urgency within me.  I climb down from my spot and I turn to leave, for there is no holding back a dream when you’re this close.



**Written for BFF #113—Sweet Dreams and Wishes**

***Also Written for The Writers’ Post picture prompt sea_shells_out_the_sea_by_luridrose-d463667+ use the word nascent***