Come little child

Let’s go explore

The treasures and stories

Just beyond this door.

So the child latched on

To her hand of many years

And together they climbed 

Up to the attic floor.


They found boxes and books

Scattered all across the room

Some jewelry and trinkets

And her special Heirloom.

Her old voice called her near

‘Please, come sit down

I have something to show you

And not a moment too soon.’


Together they sat

With a big ole book

Bound by leather ties

Wearing an old leathered look.

Running her hand over top

She turned to the first page

Reading the inscription

Her voice audibly shook.


Down the generations

We hope this book finds

Your home full of peace

And soundness of mind.

With the good Lord willing

You’ll continue to share

The roots of your ancestors

Written in kind.


Then page by page

She handed it down

The story of their past

Like the passing of a crown.

Then she came to a page

That was void of ink

She reached for her pen

And wrote ‘Anna Mae Browne’


She finally cleared her throat

A smile of pride on her face

You have been added

You now have your place

Into this precious book

Which I am passing to you

Of our family, our heritage,

All for you to embrace.

The child looked up

Into her Grandmother’s eyes

Please don’t be sad

I don’t want you to cry.

It’s okay dear child

Granny’s not sad

These are happy tears

It’s okay they’re not dry.


One day when you’re older

And you are in your prime

It will be your turn to share this book

And the history of your time.

I hope you will remember

The stories Granny shared with you

Up in this old attic room

Near the end of her lifetime.


room in the atticWritten for: BFF #238, The Room in the Attic.  Come join the blogging fun!

Written by: The ShortStoryGal © 2012.  All rights reserved.