This post is written for BlogFEST 2012—and our host today is Leigh Young Isles of Views of an Optimist.  Be sure to check out her post as she gives us the topic of “Shadows”

ol blind manThe scenes that once played before him, so vivid and clear had yielded to movements shaded in gray, formless, and unsensical.

At least he still had them—for whatever time he had left.  His sight fading and his hearing not what it once was—he seemed silenced into a life of memories.

Memories of his youth—a young boy who adored his father.

Memories of his teenage years—becoming a man and going off to war.

Memories of meeting his Jean—falling in love and marrying her.

Memories of their family—his children-all 4 of them—definitely his pride.

Memories of his only son—going off to war a young boy—and coming home in a box.

Memories of his grandchildren—playing catch with their Granddad.

Memories of his Jean—losing her battle with cancer.

Memories of his first great grandchild being born—and holding that life in his weakened arms.

Memories of a life—well lived.

But his memories—once so vivid and clear—becoming like the world around him—grey, formless, and unsensical.  How he wanted to hold onto his memories—but they were fading…giving way to the shadows of death.